Motherhood starts here

March 1, 2018


2 years of wild waves with this man of my dream keeping my head above water. Despite my husband being a rock of support and positivity, I have found the last couple of years to be the loneliest period of my life. It makes me feel like a horrible person to be surrounded by plenty of things to be grateful about yet to still feel so empty inside. 


I was looking for a new life direction, a sense of purpose. I tried few paths; taking online writing jobs, teach yoga and blogging; however none gave me the fulfilment I need. By then, it never crossed my mind that this sense of purpose I was yearning for could come in the form of a tiny little human being


Being a mother gives me the biggest most honourable sense of purpose I have never dreamed of. Having said that, I have never dreamed of being a wife neither. This chapter made me realize what do my 36 years old self knows.


On September 21, 2017 at 15:50, our little Mikaël has graced us with his tiny little body weighing at just 3.6kg measuring at 50cm tall; and yet with an ENORMOUS presence. Ever since, he has illuminated our lives in every single way and we have never been happier and more in love together.


I would like to thank the doctors and midwives of CHUV Hospital who have gone above and beyond for us new parents, for teaching me how to bond with my baby through breastfeeding, for providing my baby and I the best care possible and most importantly for extending heartfelt cheers and moral support. For someone whose family and friends are thousands miles away, it meant the world to me.   


My new journey has begun; in this beautiful land I am starting to call home. 






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