Another milestone

March 30, 2018

I skipped morning Mysore practice at the shala yesterday because I was feeling oh-MY-so-SORE. If you don't get it, no worries, its just a silly joke amongst ashtanga practitioners.


Recently I have started to include 10 poses from the secondary series (including my most dreaded one - kapotasana or kaput-asana, another Ashtanga joke) following my usual primary series practice. Unlike pre-childbirth years, I guess my body works differently now and needs more time to recuperate.


Or maybe it is just winter, maybe, who knows. One thing for sure, the light rain did contribute to dampen my spirit and prevent me from getting up at 5am.


Kapotasana: the 10th pose in Ashtanga secondary series. 


Mikaël is currently 6.5 months and at this age, his nap time varies from 45 minutes to 2 hours per session, about 4 times a day. Usually I have to choose either shower or yoga practice for his first two naps and in between, I have to squeeze in his bath time (no proper schedule, its right after his morning poop), one feeding and diaper change as necessary; just to give you a sneak peek into motherhood.


The weather is getting warmer everyday (and by warmer I mean 5 - 10 degrees Celsius during the day) so I decided it was a good day to eat at one of my favourite Asian lunch place in Lausanne and do some Easter table decoration shopping. When I told the husband the night before, he was happy to accompany me and finally have proper lunch after few busy weeks at work. We then did quick cheese shopping together before parting ways.


As cliche as this may sounds, the husband returned to work and the wife continued shopping. He just chuckled when I teased him about it. 


Motherhood has trained me to be time-efficient in a way that I knew I only had certain amount of time to strikethrough my to-do list before mommy duty calls. So I finished all my Easter table decoration shopping right in time for his fourth feeding of the day and to the nearest Starbucks we marched to. Little one gets to eat and this mama gets to enjoy her coffee break while doing some people watching. Never underestimate its gratifying effect for winter and newborn baby housebound mamas. Win-win. 


 Duck in fedora hat, how can this be cooler?

Easter classic

Flowers in a teapot inspired by Pinterest. A trial with surviving roses from last weekend. 


To cut the story short, we had pre-Easter dinner at home because this mama cant wait to put everything together. It is going to be my first time hosting an Easter family gathering (our first together too!) and I am so looking forward! We spent dinner discussing Easter: husband talking about his roasted lamb with potatoes recipe while me talking about table setting, home decos and the coming Easters when Mikaël will be old enough to enjoy egg-painting and of course, eating chocolates!


If you manage reading until here, thank you for your time. The whole point of narrating my day is just for self-realization/ self-reminder purpose: life is Switzerland is really not bad at all. In fact, combining the travel experiences and opportunity to learn new language and experiencing new cultures, it is pretty darn awesome actually. 


Mainly I still cant believe I am down to this point where life feels... NORMAL. 


I wouldn't lie that everything is all peaches and bloom. No one can imagine how tough it is until they walk in my shoes. Drastic lifestyle changes, daily challenges assimilating to new surroundings and the loneliness ensued. 


Frankly speaking, sometimes it crossed my mind that I might be on some sort of spiritual journey; to be taken away from everyone and everything that matters, i.e. family and friends, career, titles, social network, yadayada, etc. But at least my spiritual cave is very beautiful and comfortable. And I have a little angel who sees me as his whole world! BEST FEELING EVER! 


Of course, life as a housewife and full-time mother is not what I had always visualized myself doing. But then again, in retrospect, this is surely something way better. I came to Switzerland many months ago with just one main purpose: to be with the man I love. Who would have guessed we would be raising a family together by now? 


If you allow me to answer: maybe everyone else but me.


Happy 2 years anniversary Deza! 

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