Life around the clock, literally

April 12, 2018

We have an ongoing game in our household called "guess what time it is". I initiated it long time ago, out of amazement to my husband's godly time perception. What started as pure curiosity turned into a source of fun and banter.


Yvan ALWAYS get the time right (with average 2-3 minutes error). More often than not, he could tell almost precisely the amount of time needed to get from point A to B, how long have we been lazing around in each others arms and one totally beyond my imagination, at what time did he wake up in the middle of the night; without checking the time. 


Although I have to say his performance is sometimes lacking during vacation and when he is underpressured to guess the time right. 


I don't know if it is just my husband or the Swiss at large. But being married to a Swiss and living in Switzerland for more than 2 years now, I have a theory why my Swiss husband has an excellent time perception.



He grew up in Switzerland where every town has its own church with a bell tower. 


Frankly speaking, one of the things that irked me the most about life in Switzerland is the church bells. It rings every hour (big ring), every quarter minutes (small ring) and sometimes all morning, for less obvious reason. 


"Weddinggg...." Yvan murmured in his sleep responding to my monstrous groan one Sunday morning very very very long time ago (a life long forgotten when we could still faire la grasse matinée).


The most rings are at noon and midnight. There are four small rings to indicate quarter minutes that has passed, and 12 big rings to indicate the hour, summing up to 16 rings. At midnight, it is really really reaaalllly a lot of rings. 


To give you clearer idea about the church bell situation in Switzerland, I provide you with two interesting articles. 


Church Bells charm and annoy their listeners

Sleepless in Switzerland: could quieter church bells be the answer 


In reference to my theory, my dearest husband Yvan will turn 41 years young tomorrow, on April 13th. After all the bells that he has heard throughout his almost 41 years of life, it is no surprise why his time perception is on the dot. 


And that is also probably why the Swiss are generally punctual. Their lives literally revolve around the clock (church bells), and thus, time. Again, this is just my theory as someone who has lived here for only 2 years. To have been integrated with the society (almost) and to experience the system firsthand, I am hereby to confirm that Swiss punctuality is not a myth. 


An interesting topic I will find time to write about soon. 


By the way, it is one day in advance but joyeux anniversaire mon amour. Je t'aime tellement. On t'aime tellement.  

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