Plot twist.

March 13, 2019

"Write it down, down to every single detail. Good or bad, it makes you


was my mother's final advice to me before I flew back to Switzerland last January. 


I let out an involuntary smirk. My most recent flight incident replays in my mind. I could still hear the voice of the co-pilot informing me that he will need to assemble a team to fix the mess my 16 months old son has created, or produced to be precise. That day saw me locking myself in the plane toilet, just crying my heart out, with my son crying with me. 


"Yeaaaahhh, okaaayyy.. " I quietly managed.


Earlier this year, just few weeks before the incident, I've decided to try vlogging. Why not, I thought. It would be fun, life will be less lonely and the possibilities are endless. And I thought sharing a long haul flight journey with a toddler will be a great content as a newcomer.


But then, shit happened, literally (totally laughing out loud as I type this, just to let you know.) Taking shitty event in stride (again, pun intended), I take it as life's funny way of hinting "that is not what I have in store for you. Get out or get down". 




So I guess this is just my non-condescending way to announce I will not pursue vlogging


Back to my mother's last advice; she sure walks the talk. One of my most profound childhood memories is getting all consumed reading her based on true story mini novel . Until today, it is still the most beautiful thing I've ever read. My mother was in her late 20s when she braved single mother status and channeled huge part of her time, emotions and energies into her writing. I was barely 10 then, but watching how my mother picked up her shattered life in utmost elegance while doing everything she could to ensure all her 5 children sleep under the same roof has shaped me to be the woman that I am today. 


Miss Jasmine then - in her leotard, pink tights and matching pink shoes. Of course, mother :-)


It is also worth to mention that my 86 year old grandfather has recently announced that he will spend his remaining years to finish his book titled "Kisah rumahku" - a tale about his house, our family gathering home, which he has designed and built from scratch during his free time.


By no mean boasting, probably writing runs in my blood. And maybe, just maybe, I should stop looking elsewhere. The grass is greener where you water it, Deza. 












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